Program Structure and Timing

Mcib will run during 3 academic semesters, starting in October until March of the second year. It comprises 90 ECTS credits, organized in 3 academic modules (60 ECTS) and a master research project (30 ECTS). Mcib boasts an innovative format in which the students will progress rapidly from intensive course instruction to research in their projects. Most of Mcib activities will be in English.

Calendar 2020-2021

Program calendars will be posted soon

MODULE 1: Mcib FUNDAMENTALS (30 ECTS, semester 1)

M1A: Research Topics (15 ECTS)

M1B: Advanced Methods (10 ECTS)

M1C: Lab rotations (5 ECTS)

- Lecture series (M1A), state-of-the-art technologies (M1B) and journal club sessions covering the 4 core MCIB research programs:

  • Structural and Chemical Biology (3DBIOCHEM)

  • Molecular Cell Biology (MOLCELBIO)

  • Molecular Medicine (BIOMED)

  • Molecular and Systems Biotechnology (BIOTECH)

- 3-4 one-week rotations in labs working on the 4 core research programs (M1AB).

MODULE 2: Mcib FRONTIERS (15 ECTS, semesters 1 and 2)

M2A: Seminars

M2B: Workshops

Series of specialized seminars (10), workshops (3) and journal club sessions covering advanced MCIB topics. Look here for previous seminars and workshops.

MODULE 3: Mcib EXTENSION (15 ECTS, semesters 1 and 2)

M3A: Scientific writing & oral presentation

M3B: Entrepreneurship

M3C: Dissemination

Lectures and workshops covering the following topics: (For further information, click here)


  • How to write a scientific manuscript and give a seminar.

  • Entrepreneurship, innovation, intellectual property, etc. Creating a spin-off.

  • Dissemination and career development, science & society, etc. Writing a blog.

MODULE 4: Mcib MASTER RESEARCH PROJECT (30 ECTS, semesters 2 and 3)

The general interdisciplinary training provided by M1-M3 will be completed with a degree of specialization at the master research project (TFM). (For further information, click here)

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