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Mcib mission is to provide graduate students of Life Sciences, Chemistry or Bioengineering with advanced training in molecular and Cellular Biology and its applications in Biomedicine and Biotechnology.

Master in Molecular and Cellular Integrative Biology


Mcib seen by the students:

  • Mcib is a pioneer in-house research training experience at CSIC centers, stem from the Centro de Investigaciones Biológicas (CIB) – the main hub of Mcib - as a collective higher-education action of CSIC scientists, bringing together a wide range of expertise and know-how.



  • This novel concept will allow the students to be exposed to the scientific activities developed in-house, based on the synergies among research programs on structural, molecular, cellular, chemical and synthetic biology, that apply front-line technologies to study essential processes and systems with environmental and/or medical relevance. These integrated studies aim at elucidating fundamental principles of biological function and at providing novel tools to improve quality of life.


  • Mcib is based on the Max Planck International Research School for Molecular Life Sciences established at the MP campus in Martinsried ( which has been adapted to the Spanish research and academic system.

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